My Philosophy

The goals of therapy include resolution of conflict, development of an unconditional belief in one’s self, and increasing the capacity to relate to others with mutuality and warmth.

I believe that most individuals have within themselves keys to the attainment of these goals. I am your partner in this journey of achievement. I think of myself as a teacher and guide; I’m committed to protecting, restoring and maintaining your uniqueness and well being. When we are finished, you will have learned new skills and developed those you already have to help you solve future difficulties.

Areas of Interest

I encourage you to contact me if what you wish to work on is not listed specifically.


I draw on a wide range of life experiences, which, I believe, uniquely prepares me to offer a sensitive and effective approach to your issues. Research has shown that anxiety disorders are the number one mental health problem in the United States for both men and women. You will learn specific skills to help you overcome problems with panic and anxiety.


Depressed mood and diminished interest in daily activities are two of the main symptoms of depression. As with anxiety, depression is very treatable. You will learn strategies to help you better regulate depressed mood.

Marriage Strengthening

What can make a marriage work is actually quite simple. Understanding and honoring each other, and respecting your marriage are some of the keys to living happily ever after. You learn the basic skills necessary to make this happen.

Relationship Help

Healthy relationships depend on such skills as conflict resolution, clear communication, and management of anger. Additionally, Relationship Intelligence [RI] promotes the solid underpinning found in all thriving partnerships. RI consists of characteristic behaviors that have been proven successful in building and maintaining happy relationships, and which you will acquire.

Stress Management

Research has shown that daily stress and anxiety help trigger high blood pressure [a risk factor for heart disease and stroke], tense muscles, and headaches. Stress also suppresses your immune system, making you more likely to get sick. The good news: there are simple ways you can relieve tension and anxiety.

Families and Kids

I help parents be in charge, stay connected, and instill values:

  • Parenting differently at different ages
  • Dealing with step family issues
  • Use of the Internet
  • Adoption through the lifespan
  • When kids fight
  • When grown kids disappoint us